I’m Stuck At The Airport, So Let’s Talk About Bouchercon.


I took this picture from my hotel room this morning rather than when I arrived because I just had better things to do. But I do like to look back at these later so I wanted to have it in the collection.

My flight’s delayed and over-booked so I took the option to wait for the 9pm flight and got a $300 credit and a credit for this leg of my flight. I can take that. I have Dan Miller and the Lions online and a great book waiting for me when the game is over. All is good.

Aside from the long and exhausting flight, this was a great Bouchercon. I saw some friends I haven’t seen in a while and some I just saw a few weeks ago. But I felt good and inspired and was really excited to be back as a writer and reader and not an editor. None of the panicked and paranoid conversations about the industry I overheard (or participated in) got me depressed or angry so that was nice.

People seemed excited to hear about and buy Murder Boy. I had an author focus session on Friday and I thought I’d be lucky if five friends showed up and we could shoot the crap for 20 minutes, but when I arrived there were already 20 people in the room and they had to add more chairs and more people kept showing up. Some of them I didn’t even know. It was surreal and very cool. I’m looking forward to next year when I have a book in hand to sell and promote and lord over everyone.

I took it easy on the late night partying this year and was in bed by midnight most nights. As such, I don’t feel too bad. My head and nose are stuffed up, but that’s more to do with how poorly by body reacts to flying. Aside from that though, I feel pretty good. I do need to start exercising and eating less crap tomorrow. More about that later.