I’m Not Writing About What I Really Want To Because No One Will Believe It Today

I detest April Fool’s Day. In addition to the annoyance of not being to post an exciting announcement because I’m afraid people will think it’s a joke, it gives me nightmares back to elementary school and junior high when I was bullied a lot and the victim of a lot of these “pranks.” Kids would be real dicks to me and when I finally snapped and called them out on it, I always heard “it’s just a joke.”


April Fool’s Day is just a sanctioned and organized day for bullying.  Sure, some people do it right (like Google, I love to see what Google will be up to on this day) but the vast majority of people abuse it and I hate it. Really, really hate it. The Internet and Facebook and Twitter are so full of misinformed garbage day-to-day that adding an extra layer of crap on top of that is more than I’m able to tolerate.

I really do hate this day so much.

Come back tomorrow for an exciting announcement.