I’m not ADD I’m just…where was I?

I’m hearing the siren song of competing projects right now and it’s getting LOUDER. As I face off against the last 25k of my current novel, I really really want to be working on projects for a couple of opportunties that have arisen. First and biggest is the desperate desire to write something for the new Plots With Guns. I was only able to submit and be rejected once before they shut down and I think I’m writing at a level now where I might stand a chance of getting a story picked up.

But I gotta stick with the novel.

I also want to write some world altering stuff for Rickards’ new project before it devolves into inevitable barnyard porn as so many of his other projects do.

But I gotta stick with the novel.

And then yesterday I got an email inviting me to submit to a one act play festivasl at Eastern Michigan University and I’d love to whack my rambling 90 page full-length theater version of MURDER BOY down to an intense 30 page version so I can see my stuff on stage again.

But I gott stick with the…ohhh South Park videos online…