I’m No Dilbert Or Michael Bolton

Look, a new office. With a door. And no gray anywhere!

I actually like my cubicle. It represents stability and maturity and all of the things I craved in my crazy poor 20s but didn’t realize at the time. I like office potlucks and bland birthday celebrations and all of the other stuff people seem to hate about cubicle life. For me, what I’ve usually hated about cubicle life was the job involved with the cubicle rather than the cubicle itself. I spent a lot of time on the front lines in an administrative role and that was not usually very fun. But now I have a job I love and thus I love my cubicle even more.

When I first started back in October I was housed at one of our clinics that was kind of gross and way too quiet. The cubicles were all gray and kind of depressing. But as of this week I’ve moved on up to the administrative suite. Instead of a clinic I’m in an actual office building and instead of all the gray we have blonde wood and tan and bright colors. And I have a door! This is the dream, man. I always thought working from home was the dream, but it turns out, for me at least, a bright cubicle in a nice office building with great job security in a career I enjoy is the dream.