I’m most thankful for movies and Rolaids

So this weekend I saw giant bugs, witches, and gangsters. And that was just at my family gatherings…haha…(rimshot). No, seriously, I saw three movies which I think might tie my own highest weekend. I started Friday with “American Gangsters” since I had the day off and Becky had to work. Sucker. It was a great movie made better by the fact that I got to see it during a $4 matinee. There is no better feeling than seeing movies during the day on a weekday. Saturday night Becky and I went to see “The Mist, a decent movie with a stupid ending. And Sunday we went to see “Enchanted” which was also an excellent movie.

Friday I was torn between “The Mist” and “American Gangsters” because I love the Stephen King novella back in the day and wondered how it would translate to screen. I’ve never been a huge fan of King’s novels, but his short stories and novellas are among some of my favorite works. I think he is probably one of the best short story writers we’ve seen. A few months ago I was reading Jennifer Weiner’s short story collection “The Man Not Taken” and in the little blurb at the back where she talks about her inspirations for the stories she mentions King’s “Word Processor of the God’s” as one of her inspirations. That’s the kind of reach this guy has.

So Open Monday Question to get the week started. What’s your favorite Stephen King story and why? Bonus points if you compare the movie version to the printed version.