I’m going to be a part of it

Today is my only day at work this week. Not bad for a Monday. Tommorow I will be playing catch-up on all of the things I’ve been putting off for several weeks and then Wednesday morning I will be flying out to New York City for Edgar Week. I already have a few lunch and dinner gatherings scheduled, but I’m certainly going to make time for exploring (still have to see Ground Zero) and some sort of theater experience.

Of course the big deal will be the Edgar Awards banquet on Saturday night where I will be in the presence of Stephen King and may even be able to cash in enough favors, blackmail, and groveling to meet him. For once I actually had a flash of forethought and bought my ticket to the banquet early which is good because they sold out a few days ago. I would have been crushed if I planned all of this and wasn’t able to go to the main event. In honor of the fancy-schmancy occasion, I went to Target and bought a nice black pinstriped suit off of the clearence rack for $50 and I’m not ashamed to admit that. Yes, I love clothes, and much of the time I like name-brand and designer clothing (Goodwill is a name brand dangit),but I don’t have very many occassions to wear a suit these days and it’s not like this one is made out of paper bags and duct tape or anything.

It’s hard to believe I haven’t been back to NYC in six years. This morning I heard on the news that The Producers gave its last performance last night. I was there when it first opened and was one of the first people to get tickets by waiting outside all day for Standing Room Only tix. Funny thing is, when I lived there it was six years after I had visited for the first time in 1995.

Who else is going to be in NYC for Edgar Week? And what are the best memories you have of the city?