I’m Back and Thanks for Nothing Indiana

I returned to Michigan alive after a great weekend serving as a guest editor at the Love is Murder conference in Chicago. The trip home was uneventful, though the trip there sucked. I was stuck in Indiana, just outside of Illinois, for almost two hours in traffic for what appeared to be no reason at all. That sucked.

While it was fun being treated like royalty by the con staff and the writers, the best part was the conversations with other professional editors and agents. As a writer I find it very helpful to meet with and bond with other writers and the same is true in my editing capacity.

The hotel was very nice, though a little too fancy for me and didn’t have free wifi in the rooms which sucked. It was also in a really clustered section near the airport that made getting to it a bit tricky. The last time I was there it was at a hotel out in the middle of nowhere and that seemed to work better, but this was okay too.

So the last time I was at Love is Murder was five years ago in 2009. If you’ll recall from my giant book deal post, that particular conference was a turning point in my career and turned me down the road of writing and finishing the book that eventually will become my first published novel. So it was cool to be back there just after signing that book deal.

I’ll have more to say tomorrow over at the Exhibit A site about the conference from an editor’s point of view disavowing the ridiculous notion of editors and agents and gatekeepers. Check it out.