I’m Alive, Sort Of

It’s been a rough few days since I was here last. We had some illness, some surgery, some work trouble, and the first day of summer vacation for the kids. I’ve been exhausted and crabby and tired. But I’m alive. Sort of. It’s Saturday, though now that the kids are off of school, I work from home, and Becky is off work for another three weeks due to the aforementioned surgery, the days all just kind of blend together.

But there’s a carnival in town and we’re going to go down and eat carnival food and watch fireworks (maybe, it depends on the mosquitoes) and stay as far away from the rides as we possibly can. We’re also going to clean the house, which has become an epic level of crappy over the last week, and I’m going to mow the lawn and whack the weeds (with my electric trimmer because the gas one is still being a pain in the ass) and probably have a beer. So not a bad day and I might actually get some stuff accomplished. I’ll be back in full force next week because I know you’ve missed me.