Idol Worship

I originally planned on writing about the crisis of faith I’ve been having in my ability to plot out the rest of the book I’m working on. But just thinking about it in the shower this morning and how to write about it was enough to get me off the ledge. So then I thought about taking Patti Abbott’s suggestion and writing about my editorial process at DEMOLITION. But I think I’d rather write about Becky and the main claim to fame she has in life.

Becky loves to sing and she’s pretty good. Karaoke has long been a special thing for us on dates and she’s got great stage presence. As part of this love, she’s made the trek around the country several times to audition for American Idol. I think that’s just cool. The closet I’ve ever come was going from Flint to Ann Arbor in high school to audition for Cedar Point amusement park. But this makes her a participant in a hughe pop cultural experience, kind of like being in line for the very first showing of Star Wars.

Have any of you been involved in anything like this? Have you auditioned for a game show or sent a video in to be on The Real World? Anything?