I Went To Flint For A Book Signing And Sold All My Books: A Recap



That fine looking group of folks showed up early in the morning yesterday to hear me talk about myself and Murder Boy.  I was the kick off speaker for Barnes & Noble Educator Appreciation Week and they are all educators. Apparently they enjoyed my talk because every single one of them bought a copy of Murder Boy after my talk. They liked that I didn’t stand behind a podium and read from my book for an hour. I was surprised I sold that many copies but the lady who organized it must have had bad experiences with authors in the past because she didn’t expect me to sell ANY copies.

After this group broke up I took a break to get a great Flint cheesy double at Halo Burger then came back at 1pm to sell books to the general public. At this point I had about half of the books left that I started with. I knew some family and high school friends would be showing up throughout the day but I was absolutely floored that I sold every single copy within 45 minutes. I actually had to leave the store because people kept coming up to me asking for copies of the book. That one time I met Loren Estleman he told me to always have more copies of the book than you think you’ll need. He was right. I could have sold 20 more without a sweat. But they invited me back for next year so I’ll be sure to bring more books. They’ll also be ordering more soon for me to come in and sign to have on hand.

Now we move on to the big Official Book Launch Party on Tuesday at Aunt Agatha’s. This one I’m really nervous about because that store ordered A LOT of books and I want to sell them all. I’m terrified of being embarrassed by nobody showing up and nobody buying any books. So if you’re within driving distance of Ann Arbor, PLEASE come out on Tuesday April 14 at 7pm!