I Still Have A Lot Of Signed Copies Across The Southwest To Unload – Here’s A Bribe

Technically Murder Boy isn’t officially published until March 31 but Amazon and other online retailers have been shipping copies already. And while I love to see the photos and get the emails of people holding their copies, I have a favor to ask. I signed A LOT of copies at The Poisoned Pen and Murder by the Book and it kind of freaks me out to think about them never selling and me never being invited back again. These stores took a huge chance on a new author with a small press and I’d love to see them rewarded for it. So for the next couple of weeks if you’re thinking of buying a physical copy of Murder Boy I’d love it if you bought it from one of these two stores or my own hometown indie Aunt Agatha’s. In return, I have a few things to offer:

First, swag. I have stickers and post cards and bookmarks and cool pictures my daughter draws that I’ve been saving up. Anyone who sends me proof that you bought a copy of MB from one of these three stores will get a cool envelope from me with some surprise swag and a personal note from me.

Collectors Editions. The copies I signed at Murder by the Book are dates 3/20/15 which is a whole ten days before the official publication date. That’s kind of cool for collectors. If you still want to get your copy personalized, I’ll be at Aunt Agatha’s on April 14 and will sign and personalize any copies ordered from them prior to that. I’ll also be in quite a few times after that date to sign any orders that come in after.

Other special surprises. I’m either going to do an exclusive short story or a short essay collection to send to those who buy from these stores as well as offering a sneak preview of the second book in the series Riot Load.

So that’s the pitch. Here are the links:

Murder by the Book (713) 524-8597
The Poisoned Pen Bookstore (480) 947-2974
Aunt Agatha’s Mystery Bookstore (734)769 -1114