I Save my Wit for the Post, not the Header

So far I’m happy to report that running this blog has not affected my writing productivity. I’ve only missed one day of writing since I started the blog and considering the things that have been going on in my life (some mentioned here, some not—lousy privacy laws) I think that’s pretty cool. I even seem to be learning some lessons from my previous mistakes. I’m not an outliner AT ALL, but right now I’m working my way toward the midpoint of the book and at the bottom of the page I have six scene ideas that I’ve jotted down to get me to the midpoint where the stakes will be raised nicely. And I went back and redid my opening based on some reader feedback and I’m very happy with it. I wanted to have this draft done by the time the baby arrives, but it doesn’t look like I’ll quite make that deadline. But I think as long as I’m consistent I’ll be able to get it done before Bouchercon. It’ll still have some revision needed, but hopefully nothing like the last couple of books.

I haven’t been reading much because I’ve been focusing on the writing and instead of reading during lunch which is my biggest block of available time, I’ve been taking the bus into downtown Ann Arbor to walk around and enjoy the sun the past few days which has been good for my soul. But there are a couple of things I’m itching to read. I really want to read LAS VEGAS NOIR but it hasn’t been available anywhere around here so I ordered a copy from Aunt Agatha’s bookstore. I also want to read Richard Price’s LUSH LIFE and Anthony Neil Smith’s YELLOW MEDICINE. But money is getting tighter as we prepare for the baby’s arrival so I think it might be time to dust off my library card which I haven’t used in a few years.