I Loved Jurassic World And Strongly Recommend Everyone See It. Yes, Even You.


Becky and I went to see Jurassic World on Saturday and it was everything I could hope for in a summer popcorn movie about killer dinosaurs. Due to scheduling and babysitting needs, the only show we could go see was the 3-D IMAX one. That turned out to be a key point in our enjoyment of the film. That look on Chris Pratt’s face above is how we looked up at the giant screen the whole time. IMAX 3-D has come a long way in even the 3 years since I last saw Tron: Legacy.

But really, this movie was awesome. It was funny and scary and sweet and intense. It had all of the major plot failings of summer movies, of course, but the CGI wasn’t nearly as distracting and fake looking as I had been led to believe. Even in the giant versions we were looking at. Aside from giant plot holes though, the film was also really smart is some spots, especially it’s commentary on theme parks, and greed, commercialization (I REALLY want to see what a PepsiSaurus would look like) and sequels. Anyone who has spent significant time at a massive theme park will find special delight in these moments.

And the world of Jurassic World really feels alive and lived in. I feel like this was a park I could actually go to after the movie (you know, if everyone hadn’t been eaten recently). Even what was put forth as the stupidest part of the movie – why in the hell would anyone create such a horribly misguided dinosaur as the one that highlights this film – had a logical, believable answer.

The best part though, is how this movie deals with the original in both scathing and sentimental ways. There is a phenomenal cameo at the very end that really made me smile. This was by far my favorite in the series since the first one. It had all of the wow and commentary about humanity as the first one, with the zip bam pow action and humor of the third one. And let’s talk about how HUGE Chris Pratt is going to be.