I Guess It’s Not So Much A Failure of Facebook as a Failure of My Interest in Political Discussion

I was thinking about my post from yesterday and realized I said something that wasn’t quite true. I said I didn’t want to discuss politics on Facebook because it’s a bad forum for those kinds of discussions. While that’s sort of true, it’s doesn’t get to the bigger point. I don’t want to have those discussions at Facebook because I don’t want to have those discussions at all. I’m not a political person and I really have no interest in those kinds of discussions.

That’s usually why, when I do invariable post some kind of political update or comment on someone else’s political status update, when the discussion starts to heat up I back down. It’s not because I feel threatened or uninformed, it’s because I feel tired and exhausted and just absolutely bored. Maybe this means I’m a bad citizen, but I just don’t care. Becky and I have these discussions all of the time between us, but that’s about it. I’m happier online being frivolous and funny and talking about myself. I do like to talk religion and I don’t mind getting into sticky discussions about that with those who believe differently that I do, but politics just gives me hives and gets me riled up in ways I don’t like.

I posted some inflammatory things on Twitter yesterday when I was upset  that I went back and deleted. I don’t normally do that, but I thought they were pretty mean spirited and didn’t represent my true feelings or how I want to represent myself online. So yeah, I hope this was enough of a lesson to myself that I’ll just stay out of the political arena on social media and keep in light and free.