I Feel Like Writing, Lack Of Topic Be Damned

Of course I should be writing on my novel, but I like writing here too and the urge struck, even though a specific topic didn’t present itself. I could probably write something about our new cash only living plan or or attempt to be mostly debt free in 3-5 years. I could also do a parenting post about the impending summer and how much I’m looking forward to just throwing the kids into their swimsuits and putting them outside all day instead of trying to find matching clothes (and socks, oh my gosh the socks) that aren’t stained and look presentable.

But I’m not really feeling that direction. It did get me thinking though about how I read blogs from other folks who specialize in writing about money or writing about parenting or writing about writing, but i don’t want to specialize, I’d rather be a generalist and just write about myself and everything to do with me. As the launch of MURDER BOY approaches I need to get into a regular routine of writing here and sometimes that involves stretching and basic exercises instead of big hot shot flashy stuff. I do notice that the more I write here, the more I write regularly on my own stuff and that’s very important right now as my deadline quickly approaches for LOAD.

I’m really enjoying the writing on this book. It’s fun to push back all of my recent life experiences and thoughts and ideas and commentary into a story about sperm banks, bounty hunters, and the state of modern cancer research in the US. This sort of book lends itself nicely to riffs on all of the random crap running through my brain at any given time. Also, I’m of course really excited to get to work on another book after this one and I can’t do that until this one is finished.

Oh, right, there’s also my trip to Milwaukee tomorrow. I’ll be heading out in the morning so I can hang our with Frank and Marie Wheeler and the Jordans for dinner and revelry and then I’ll be reading the next evening at Noir at the Bar. I suspect i’ll be reading from MURDER BOY, as most people who will be there Saturday won’t have been there last time I read at one of these things. I’ll also have a huge stack of Exhibit A books to give away which is always fun.