I Bought An iPad Air And Must Document It For The Archives


You might recall that when I got my first iPad three years ago that I wrote quite a bit about it. So you can only imagine that since I got an iPad Air over the weekend that I have a thing or two to say about it.

Over the course of three years the iPad has become my go-to tool for editing work as my wrists and arms have been screaming at me to take it easy on with what with all of my day job work AND my novel writing work in addition to a (happily) massive amount of editing work. But lately my old iPad, an iPad 2, has been weezing a bit and become very, very heavy for my poor wrists. Also, Spenser and Holly have been stealing it more and more for creative and frivolous pursuits and with that comes a very gross and sticky iPad.

The new ones are pretty expensive though and I’m determined this year to be better with our money, so I’ve been on the lookout for sales or deals or generous bits of luck. And in a combination of all of those, I was able to get it at Meijer for 10% off and it included a $100 store coupon as well that we promptly spent on dog food, batteries, and so, so much toilet paper and paper towels. Go in-store deals.

And how do I like the new iPad Air 2? It’s dreamy. It’s so much smaller than my other one I had to check and make sure I didn’t accidentally pick up an iPad mini. But the screen is the same size as my old one, they just cut out all of the extra material around the sides and the back. I can hold this thing with one hand almost as easily as my Kindle. The only fault I can find with it so far is that it has this new anti-reflective coating that is awesome on one hand because it makes the iPad far easier to read under bright light, but it also makes finger prints very, very visible.  But if that’s the worst I have to say about it, I’ll be okay. I also like that my iPad now takes the same lightning charger as my phone so I don’t have to carry two separate cords around anymore.

The one thing I don’t anticipate doing with this is using a keyboard case with it. I did that much more with my iPad because I hadn’t yet bought my Macbook Air, but now that I have that, this will just be for editing  and browsing the Internet and social media at home, and amusing myself on planes and such. I will keep you all updated on any changes in my mood or feelings about my new toy.