How Much is that Writer in the Window?

Any doubts about whether I would enjoy this new shift at work ended last night. Around 9pm I found myself downtown Ann Arbor, still in the prime of nighttime activities, with my laptop on and a great spot at a window table in the Espresso Royale coffee shop.

It’s wonderful not having to wake up before 10am, though lately I’ve been up around 9-930am, yet I’m still out of work and out on the town before the city closes up for the night. I was able to waste a full hour cruising the Internet and still had two hours of good writing time on my current short story before downtown closed up for the night.

And then today is my first Wednesday off on my new shift so I’m looking at a whole mid-day week all to myself. I’m going to head back downtown later and do some more work on the short story, maybe even finish it, and then go see a movie. After that I’ll catch up on some TV shows I’ve been recording.

All of this just goes to remind me how great I have it right now. I’m making pretty good money and I don’t have to be stuck in a traditional job. I can wear what I want to work, the actual work is not bad at all, and then I have some decent free time for spending that money I make. As I wind down the last week of my 20s I can’t imagine asking for more than that.