How Google Made Me Feel Needed

I know I shouldn’t concern myself with these sorts of things, but the times I feel like blogging, usually later in the evening, seem to be the worst time to post them to get the maximum site traffic. If I was smarter I would write them at night and then set them to auto post the next morning around 11:00am. But once I write I post I always want to get it right out into the world so I can see if people respond to it. I’m not well. I know that.

To work now though, I’ve been in kind of a weird zone at work where I’m not really the new guy but I’m not the veteran go-to guy for everything that I was at my old job. In the long run this will work out better for me as I work on longer and more in-depth projects, but in the short term I kind of miss it. So I was quite happy when my university rolled out their conversion from Microsoft products to Google products because suddenly EVERYe hONE needed me. In the months just before I switched jobs, the hospital system had just made a switch TO Microsoft products. This was a smooth enough transition because most people at all levels have used Microsoft products at some point in their life and Microsoft products tend to be easy to use use across multiple programs once you get the basic Microsoft “feel” down.

I’ve been surprised though to find how few people use any sort of Google products. It doesn’t help that while the Google products are great for the University environment, they leave much to be desired in the business realm for a bunch of former Microsoft power users. But I’ve been using the products on my own for almost four years now so I’ve developed a fluency of sorts with them that has come in handy. And I’m LOVING it. Eating it up really. It’s quite sad.

These are the times that make me happy I chose the career field I did. While technical writing may have used some of these same skills, I don’t think I’d get the same sort of immediate tangible feedback. I always want to be the problem solver in the room and admin work is nothing if not a career build around solving problems that others have created.

What’s made you feel needed lately?