Holy Shift

I’m really going to miss working this 5p-2a shift at the end of this week. Granted, the weird time works better because I have Saturdays and Sundays off so there’s still a chance to reconnect with the real world. But as far as productivity this shift rocks.

I usually wake up around 10:30 or 11 (though today I was up at 9:30 because I had a great first line going through my head that I can’t seem to find a story for yet) and then fiddle around on the computer for an hour or so until I can’t stand the smell of myself anymore and then I shower. As the afternoon wears on I usually watch the TV shows that have been building up on the DVR (generic Tivo) and then maybe some Boy Meets World and Magnum PI reruns. When I was working on the novel this is when I’d usually work on that as well. These days its been filled with random writing and web projects. A nap usually comes sometime around 3 and then I’M out the door to work at 4:30.

But here’s the beauty, I can usually do more writing and reading at work.

The first four hours or so of the shift are usually hectic with back-to-back calls. But after about 11:30pm things die off substantially and last week I was able to burn through a couple of books (including the AMAZING The Blade Itself) and get at least 1-2k done on the book.

Once I switch to 11:30a-8:30p I wonder how things will change. I know I won’t have as much time for other projects at work because I’ll be in peak call time and I won’t have much time for things in the morning because I’m not a morning person and refuse to wake up before 10 if I don’t have to. So everything will have to come after 9ish, which is fine, I guess. I’ll be able to stay up later to write and read and watch TV because I won’t have to be up early so I guess we’ll just see how it all pans out.

For the rest of this week though, all two days of it at least, I want to get some good work done on one of the sort story projects I’m contemplating. I’m also itching to get back and start revisions on the book but I have to keep myself in check on that and let the book sit for a good long time.

And BTW, for those who might be worried about me, I have a date Saturday that I’m really looking forward to.