Holly is 8 Going on 13

Holly turned 8 today, but in so many ways she seems like a tween and that’s hard to deal with. I love seeing her come into her own personality, and I love watching her make her way in the world, but she’s my baby girl and I don’t want her growing up any faster than she has to and I want to try and protect as much of her childhood as I can without putting her in a bubble.

Instead of a big party like we’ve had in years past for both kids combined, we just had them invite a couple of friends to do an activity then have pizza and cake. Holly and her friends went to a gymnastics place and Spenser and his friends went to Chuck E. Cheese (if Holly is 8 going on 13, Spenser is 9 going on 7 and I love it. He’s so innocent and sweet and cuddly and I want to protect that as well without him thinking he’s a baby).

In addition to all of the glittery bows and nail polish she got, we also got Holly a sewing machine that turned out to be just a little too advanced of a present for all of us. After trying two different ones, we took it back to the store and got her an artsy jewelry making kit that she knew of from You Tube and wanted to try. As we were driving home, she said, “This might not be the best gift for me because I have to wait for these things to dry and I don’t like waiting for things.”

Happy Birthday, Holly Dolly!