Here with the news…

I’ve been on a bit of a Laura Lippman bender this week what with rereading her first novel “Baltimore Blues,” taking the musical theater quiz on her website, and reading the top ten things hse got to do as a reporter on her blog. Oddly enough, it’s hard to come up with a post title that includes the word Lippman without having something dirty or confusing. I’ll leave dirty and confusing to this guy.

The top ten meme has been floating around in increased numbers lately and I’ve been thinking about doing one myself but never thought I had anythitng good until I read Laura’s. I complain a lot (shut up Dave) about my time served as a reporter, but the truth is it was a pretty good gig for my first job right out of college. So here, in random order, are the Top Ten Things I Got to do as a Reporter:

1)Interview Harlan Coben, Tom Grace, and the Minnessota Crime Wave (Carl Brookins, Ellen Hart, and William Kent Krueger)

2) Use the jaws of life on a Ford Tempo dressed in full turn-out gear

3) Shoot it out with a gang on the side of the road in a police simulator

4) Write a story about myself being nominated for the Debut Dagger Award

5) Cover the murder trail of a former Michigan State Police Trooper who was arrested ten years after his wife’s murder was ruled a suicide. The case was later featured on A&E’s Cold Case Files.

6) Hide in a ditch on US-23 and take pictures of a exploding pick-up truck because my zoom lense was broke

7) Have a crew of soccer moms with SUVs tow my Geo Metro out of a mud bog

8)Cover one of the state’s largest train crashes and a helicopter crash

9)Get drunk on company time and the company tab to write a story about blood alcohol limits

10) Draw unemployment for four months while I finished my second novel after the paper fired me