Happy Birthday Big Papa

Today is my dad’s birthday. Go him. I’m certainly happy he’s been in my life and we’ve had a good relationship, but I really happy he’s able to be in Spenser and Holly’s life. I have no idea where it came from but they started calling him papa instead of grandpa and he liked that so now he’s papa.

I’ll be heading up to Flint (my mom gets angry every time I call Grand Blanc, where they actually live, Flint, but for my non-Michigan readers I think it’s an easy marker) later today with Holly to visit my dad and pick up a new dining room table and chairs for our house. While there we will go see whatever action movie is showing because that’s what we do. We don’t hunt, we don’t play sport together, but we see action movies together and have since I was in high school and left the private school I grew up in that didn’t allow students to go see movies.

So Happy Birthday dad. Remember to lift with your back and your groin.