(Half) Marathon (Wo)Man

As I survey all around me the screaming kids and the disgusting house (it smells like syrup and carpet shampoo both of which were spilled on the floor next to me) I feel silly for being exhausted. Sure I woke up early and trudged the kids around in the rain, but it was all so we could see Becky finish her second half marathon. Just a year ago at the same race festival she finished her first 5k. In the time since, she’s done a few 10ks, one other 5k and the Detroit Half Marathon. She’s won medals for placing and next month in Cincinnati she’ll do her first full marathon. She’s really quite amazing.

Discipline has never been a strong suit of mine so to see what she puts herself through to train for these things is amazing. I first really saw what she was capable of after Holly was born and Becky lost the weight of back-to-back pregnancies is a short amount of time. What’s really great is she shares her health with the whole family. The kids run with her in the stroller, or sometimes next to her and we all take regular walks together. She also has infused my processed, junk food happy palate with fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Despite all of that though I’ve still gotten fatter, but I’m working on it and having her around is great inspiration. I was going to go into depth about my own cross country career and my thoughts of running myself, but I think I’ll let this post stand as a tribute to my wife’s accomplishments.