Hack, snort, blech

I’m finally emerging from a snotty haze in which it felt like a poisonous badger was running around in my head eating my eyeballs. I left work early on Monday and just returned today. I’m still trying to catch up with everything so for those who emailed me about stuff don’t think I forgot about you. I might have, just don’t think about it.

I went out and used some of my Borders Bucks today to get the bran spanking new edition of Best American Mystery Stories. I love this anthology and it really gets me in the mood to write short stories and I think the best of my work has been directly inspired by various incarnation of the BAMS series. Unfortunately it brings out an almost obsessive desire in me to be included in it one day. It basically boils down to a desire to be validated in a literary sense by all of the goofy academics who looked down on my crime stuff in school. And I just think it would be cool. The obsession is dying down as I get picked up in other anthologies, but it’s still there and it’s still nipping.