H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

Considering I spent the weekend camping in Hell with the aforemention irritated best friend, I should really have a more interesting story to report. Alas, it was an enjoyable weekend with very little drama and very little of any activity in general. We headed to the Hell Creek Ranch in Hell, Michigan (no really, and it’s not Detroit) on Saturday afternoon. The HCR is a campground run by bikers. Very cool, jovial, but scary looking bikers. They spent most of their time though at the Damn Site Inn not at the campground.

At any one time we had a rotating group of 5-25 people at the campsite. The biggest party times were between 6-Midnight when my friend and her friend would cook the most amazing meals. I ate better camping than I do at home. For the most part the group was mainly composed of couples, but the night sessions were a little more varied and there was a very cute brunette (Cute Brunett Number Two for those playing along at home) but still, it’s never fun to be the odd stick in the barrel. Making it even less enjoyable was the fact that my friend was there with her boyfriend. Now it’s been almost two years since we had any kind of romantic relationship with each other and it’s not like I’m jealous or anything but this is still the first serious guy she’s been with since then and it’s still a bit difficult. I don’t adapt to change very well.

The weekend culminated in a small dinner party on Monday night. I got nothing accomplished. I did laundry before I left and wrote the first half of a new PI story but now I have more laundry that smells like a barbeque pit ate me and the story is still incomplete. It sucks coming back to work after a weekend like that. I’m glad it’s raining. Bleh.

I did finish George Pelecanos’s DRAMA CITY while waiting for everyone to wake up Sunday morning and over all I thought it was a great book. The language is cool and he’s very skilled at building and maintaining suspense through the small details of life instead of broad, over the top, cliffhanger tricks. The only thing that disappointed me was the confrontation at the end. Pelecanos spends almost 200 pages building up to what I thought would be an large scale gang war but all it end up being is a quick shootout. Eh. It was still a good book though.

I can’t wait for this summer to be over. I’m sick of being poor and not being in classes and not feeling like I’m in my element. This feels too much like the real world and I want it to stop hasseling me.