Gypsies, tramps, and thieves

My girlfriend has a Toyota with 190,000 miles on it and hasn’t had to make any major repairs. I just dropped $800 to have the fuel pump replaced on my Chevy with 93,000 miles on it. This is why General Motors is going bankrupt. Despite signifigant employee discounts on GM cars through my dad, the next car I buy will be foreign.

So stuck in Gurnee, Illinois with nothing to do for a weekend, you’d think I’d get a lot of writing done. Unless you know me. Then you’d know I spent the bulk of the time online and got nothing done. I did get a lot of reading done. I went through the initial batch of submissions for the next issue of DEMOLITION and I’m happy to announce my plans for an all female issue will become a reality. Out of the fifteen or so submissions I received, six of them were from women, many of whom I admire and count as high quality writers.

So far I’ve accepted stories from Kim Harrington, Aliya Whiteley, and Patricia Abbott and I’ve hit up Sarah Weinman and Jennifer Jordan with excellent results. Anyone else who might be interested in submitting should contact me at I also accepted excellent stories from Steven Torres and David Terrenoire for the summer issue.

In addition to getting through a huge chunk of the submissions, I also finished School Days, the first really good Spenser novel in quite sometime and got most of the way through the audiobook of Shutter Island. Audiobooks are something new for me. I never really considered them an option since I did so little long range driving, but now with a two hour commute to Toledo on a regular basis, and the quality of commercial radio in the toilet, they seemed like a good option. I started a month ago with Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

This was a book I always meant to get around to but it never made it to the top of the TBR. But when I decided, on a whim, to try audio books while I was at the library, that title happened to be one of the few available on CD. I loved it. The whole experience was very cool. So with a six hour drive to Milwaukee ahead of me this weekend I busted out Shutter Island, another book I’d been interested in but never enough to actively seek it out.

It starts off REALLY slow and I actually popped the first disc out for a while because it was so boring. But after a stretch thjrough Indiana with absolutely nothing good on the radio, desperation made me give it another try. Once the characters get to the island things get better. Overall the book is really good, but Lehane goes off on these long, extended flashback and dreams and stuff that get very boring to listen to.

The narrator is a little more annoying for this book too. He tries to do all of the voices, which works well for most of the main characters, but when he tries to do intense, quiet voices for many of the mental patients it gets very grating. At one point I just skipped ahead to the next scene because I was getting a headache. Still, the plot is zipping along and I’m looking forward to this amazing ending that everyone talks about. I’ve got about two and a half discs left.

But the weekend is over, I made it back home and now I return to my regularly scheduled life. I applied for a couple of substitute teacher positions today which was fun, if not arm cramping, and get back to work on the book. I didn’t do any new writing on it over the weekend, but the total dropped from 20,000 and change to 19,600 and some change after I cut a scene that took the book in a direction I didn’t really like. I hope to get my 1,000 words in tonight. I take that back, I WILL get my 1,000 words in tonight.

Oh, I should also take a moment out to thank a special gal for taking me to church Sunday and introducing me to her family. We had a fun lunch and then she took me to a mall. Thanks CK.