Greetings From The Ugly Side Of The Morning

I’m writing this from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport where I had to wake up at 3:30am this morning to make it to the airport on time. I know, right? But it’s all been worth it so far. The flight into AZ was great and the combination of using noise canceling headphone for the first time and using Afrin nose spray right before take off really made a difference in how I felt during and after the flight. I was still wildly disoriented because of waking up so early, but at least I felt healthy and disoriented instead of having a stuffy head and dizziness like I normally do for several hours after a flight.

My event at Poisoned Pen on Tuesday went well and I had a fun time talking with Patrick Millikin who is a very smart, very engaging man in the field. While the crowd was sparse, there were some people there which is still better than some horror stories of folks showing up to bookstores with no one in attendance. Patrick mentioned several big name authors who visited PP and had small crowds early on. If you weren’t able to make the event and you’d like to support Poisoned Pen and the great work they do, contact them to order one of the signed copies they have available. Thanks to James Thane for the photo above.

I had an off day yesterday and did some editing and worked some on the book but also found time to go to a baseball game which was fun. Even though Chase Field is an indoor park, it didn’t feel like it. Very enjoyable experience.


Now I’m on my way to Houston where I will nap, then shower, then get ready for my event at the ever-awesome Murder by the Book. I’m signing with Gina Wohlsdorf who’s debut novel Safety is an amazing, trippy experience of a book that I highly recommend.

Also a quick reminder that I’ve added a few more links to my Blog Tour roundup post for this tour as well. Check it out!