Greetings from the Dead Side of my Brain

I’m working from home today which of course means I’m actually working from McDonalds so I can get some stuff done and not have to worry about the kids destroying the house. I pushed my brain to the limit the last week or so to finish the secret project and it wasn’t much in the mood to think about anything else after that. For a few nights after I was done I kept having dreams about the project and getting twitchy. While the project is done I am very meh about it. It’s not bad, and it would have a ton of potential in someone else’s hands but for me it’s just not a style I have any interest in pursuing. Part of the reason my brain was so exhausted after finishing is because I was so BORED with what I was working on. That’s never good for anyone involved. So I did what I needed to complete it and that’s about it. 

That means it’s time for other projects, right? Indeed. I of course want to get back to work on MURDER BOY which I am even more convinced now than ever is the book I was meant to write. Before that happens though I’m putting together an entry for the Dead Man contest Lee Goldberg and Amazon are putting together. I’ve enjoyed these books and always thought it would be fun to write one but didn’t really think much more about it. This contest though seems like the perfect opportunity because all I have to do is write the first chapter and a synopsis. As I was digging through the other books in the story and putting together the back story of Matt Cahill I was very excited and energized by the potential and started scribbling some ideas. I think those ideas are almost baked and ready to be turned into a chapter and synopsis. After being so bored and frustrated with my other project it’s nice to have some renewed enthusiasm brewing.