Greetings from Funkyville

I’m still feeling funky. Over the last couple of days I’ve written 500 words on the new novel, 500 words on the novella, about 100 words total on three or four other stories, and even started a couple of new stories. And still, nothing. I also realized I was in the middle of a corresponding reading funk and I think that may have something to do with it. I know a lot of people say they cant read in the genre when they’re writing, but I’m the opposite. If I’m not excited about what I’m reading then I’m rarely excited about what I’m writing.

The main problem with the writing seems to be my thinking too much about the marketability of the pieces. That’s crap and I need to get over it. The only exception to this is the novella. I’ve only got a couple of weeks until the deadline and to meet that I’d have to write non-stop every day and I’d just make the deadline with no time to rewrite. That seems like a waste to me.

What I really want to do is write a short story for EQMM or AHMM and then get back to the new book. The choice is between writing a story with my PI character dealing with his theatre background, or doing a standalone story about a computer repo guy. Anyone out there who has published in AH or EQ have any suggestions?

And speaking of EQ shorts, one the books I’m hoping will take me out of my reading funk is Steve Hockensmith’s second novel On the Wrong Track. One of the highlights of my trip to NYC for Edgar week was meeting Steve and having him recognize my name from the blog. I told him that I don’t like westerns and I don’t like Sherlock Holmes, but I liked his first novel about cowboy ranchers who try to be detective like Holmes. I’m hoping the second one is as good.