Greetings From Bachelorville

Becky finally left me. I think we all knew this time was coming. She took the kids with her too.

Of course they’ll be back on Sunday, but until then I’m living the bachelor life. They left last Sunday morning in a van packed with my mother and father-in-law, my sister-in-law, and my niece. I could hear clown car music playing as the drove away to Florida. I spent most of Sunday very depressed and very sad. I went to a birthday party up in Flint for my nephew who turned one and that was fun. But then it was over and I was sad again. I really didn’t expect to miss them that much.

Part of it was this weird habit I have of imaging the most horrible scenarios that could happen and figuring out how I’d deal with them. I’m sure it makes me a better writer, but after just a few hours of them being gone I was already halfway through the grieving process for them all having been killed in a car accident. It was a VERY weird day. But then I got to talk to them on the phone later and it was all better. I went to see KINGSMAN later that night and ate popcorn and Sour Patch Kids for dinner and I was off to enjoying bachelorhood.

Since then, the rest of the week has been pretty mundane. I’ve been eating lunch out more than I thought I would and dinner at home more than I thought I would. Last night I made the most complicated meal I’ve done in a long time with eggs and rice and chorizo. It was great. To pass the time I’ve been working on some editing projects and writing here and there on RIOT LOAD which needs to be done very soon. I’ve also been playing a lot of guitar very loudly and very badly. I’m still hacking my way through Secret Agent Man and Highway to Hell. Every once in a while Becky sends me a text with a picture of the kids or a funny comment and that makes me happy. So overall, I’m enjoying the best of both worlds. I get to be selfish with my time (even more than I normally am) and wallow in the worst of myself without the creepiness and sadness and crushing loneliness that comes from living like this all of the time.

And in other news the folks at My Bookish Ways, who I’ve never met in person and aren’t even related to me, have named MURDER BOY one of the Must Reads for March. Go me. And go them.