Gone Fishing

No, this isn’t an away message, it’s me finally getting down in print some thoughts I’ve had floating around in my head about fishing. I’ve never been a big fisherman. My grandpa took me quite a bit when I was younger and I know I had a tackle box at one point, but all I really remember about fishing is being in a boat with my grandpa and drinking orange Crush afterward. Once I stopped going with him around age 11 or 12, I didn’t do it again until last year. I’ve written here before about how last year I was close to burnout and really feeling a lot of static in my head and disconnected from reality and just massively depressed and how getting out into the woods helped me work through that. Well, a part of that was also through fishing.

Spenser briefly joined Boy Scouts and as part of the registration fee he got a cool little fishing pole that he wanted me to take him out and show him how to use. So we went to the store, bought some nightcrawlers and a pack of hooks and bobbers and went out to the pond in town and managed to catch a few fish. I had so much fun that I commandeered the fishing pole and took it out a few times on my own, never using anything more complicated that bobbers and nightcrawlers. When it started turning to spring again this year, I got the itch to fish again, but this time I wanted rods and reels for all three of the kids.

I’d planned on starting next month when the pond in town stocks up with rainbow trout and hybrid bluegill and has a family fishing derby, but the weather on Easter was so great that I took the kids out to the store, bought them new rods and reels and got myself a new Zebco 202 combo because I was feeling nostalgic, and we all went fishing. Spenser and Holly caught three or four, and Natalie even caught one with her little Frozen rod. We started her with a little toy fish tied to the end of her line so she could practice casting and she got pretty good at it and kept asking me for a real hook, so I finally relented and she caught herself a fish. It was a great day all around and I can’t wait to get back there next weekend for the derby.

I can see myself getting more into this and eventually upgrading my gear and getting out in a boat once in a while, which is cool. I don’t golf or hunt or anything like that, so this seems like a fun hobby to fool around with and, hopefully, get better at. Michigan is a great state for fishing and I’d like to catch something larger than a pan fish once in a while. I also look forward to learning how to gut and descale a fish so that when we go camping I can try to eat something I catch. That’s not something I ever would have imaged myself saying, so I guess that’s progress in my life even in my 40s.