Goatees and grousing

An outdoor picnic should never be an option for Thanksgiving dinner. This weather sucks. Sure, it’s gorgeous out and it feels nice, but dangit, this month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the only time it’s acceptable for the weather to be cold and nasty and foul. I don’t mind scraping off my windows when there’s great Christmas carols on the radio and I don’t mind shoveling when all of the Christmas decorations are out to cheer me up. Now come February and March it’s rotten, but not now and I WANT REAL CHRISTMAS WEATHER.

And for those following along at home, the great Goatee Project of 2006 is a failure. I was never totally convinced it looked all that good on me. My face is best left clean shaven. Also I was starting to break out around that area and frankly it was just more work than I was willing to put in for something like that. So now I’m back to being mistaken for a college student which is the way I like it. I’ll leave the beardy goodness to the experts.