GM is Cheesy

I’m not sure who I hate more, Duane or my car. The last time I tried to make it to Wisconsin to attend one of his signings I ended up stuck along side of the road and had to shell out $900 to get my car going again. Now today, after once again going to Wisconsin and coming back with an ARC of Duane’s new book The Blonde, I had to drop money to get my brakes fixed. And you know the funny part? I didn’t even drive my own freaking car to WI this time!!!

But my car is even worse. It doesn’t even have the courtesy to buy me dinner before it screws me. And since I crossed 100K on the odometer I imagine we’ll have many more intimate clandestine moments at the auto equivalent of a no-tell-motel. The only saving grace of today’s experience is that I had the money in my bank account to cover the repairs (and even more shockingly had money LEFT in the account after said repairs) and I have a good job that will keep more money flowing into my wounded account. These are two aspects that were conspicuously absent from my life during my last AutoCrisis TM.

And Duane did name a character after me in his book. Awwwww, who am I kidding? I could never hate Duane. Wait. Now I hope I didn’t make Al jealous. Oh crap. What have I done…?