Glee and Gischler

First, the true priority: I think I’m coming around to GLEE. I’ve talked before about I know I’m supposed to love this show, but I’ve always viewed the characters and cardboard play pieces and the musical numbers have gone downhill since the rollicking first couple episodes. But these last two episodes have been great. I still haven’t much cared for the musical numbers (it’s only when the powerful arch-nemesis group Vocal Adreneline makes an appearence that I truly enjoy the music), but the characters are really starting to hit their stride. It’s not a collection of one-note teen movie stereotypes like “the gay kid” or “the black girl” or “the guy in the wheelchair.”

My favorite character is the Glee Club Director Will Schuster. He’s human in the same over the top way as the best characters from creator Ryan Murphy’s other show NIP/TUCK. He’s mostly a good guy who does really stupid things. He’s almost as smarmy as arch-rival Sue Sylvester but has better motives. As the show goes on we see more of his dark side, which makes his actions to redeem himself work better. I’m glad they got rid of his shrewish wife who was one of the worst stereotypes on the show. In a close second place is Rachael. She has the conflicting desire of wanting desperately to be liked while also wanting desperately to be famous and also wanting to be in charge. She is the one who’s actions are almost always in character. I also like Quinn who for a while was my favorite character because she’s been the most rounded since the beginning. Curt is also starting to come into his own and I enjoy the stories that focus on him. Sadly though, the rest of the characters haven’t done much to distinguish themselves.

My least favorite character by far is still Sue Sylvester. I don’t get why people like her. Sure she has a scene or two with her special needs sister to try and make her human, but for the most part she’s a one note villain without a decent motivation for anything she does. She power hungry, manipulative, and spiteful with no real redeeming or even entertaining traits. Unlike most over the top villains, she doesn’t even get the best lines. Those go to Britney. So the show still has a long way to go before it’s as entertaining as NIP/TUCK and miles to go before it could ever be as good as something like the Gilmore Girls or Gossip Girl which always did over the top well, but at least I’m not bored or angry every episode.

Now, onto priority 1A: Victor Gischler’s new crime novel THE DEPUTY is out. Buy it. I wanted to write a review, but better men than I have already mined many of my salient points so I’ll just focus on the one area that hit me the hardest and that’s Toby’s relationship to his little kid. The way this slacker, bone-head, loser deals with his little boy shows more growth and maturity than any of his crime fighting antics and go a long way in making this my favorite Gischler book so far. So really, go buy it. Now. Then do it again so he’ll write more books.