Get Your Kicks and Such

I want to drive across the country. It’s one of my big dream trips and I know it’s something my dad wants to do too. Becky I’m sure would be up for it as well once she’s not carrying my demon spawn inside her. For a while I thought the way I wanted to do it was to go from MI down to Arizona where my aunt and uncle live and then up to Las Vegas and then on to Los Angeles. The MapQuest directions take a very boring, direct route across the country through a whole lot of boring states.

But lately I’ve been itching to do the Route 66 path from Chicago to LA. The Nevada and California parts of it are the most appealing to me from what I’ve been able to learn so far. All of this was fueled once again this morning when there was a story on NPR about three guys who are driving to every one of the 48 continental US states in five days. That doesn’t sound like any fun to me.

I’m getting older and more and more responsibility is coming into my life, but I still hold out faith this is something I can do one day. Maybe I’ll end up doing it with my wife and kids at some point, but that doesn’t sound too appealing from I sit now.

I’m also writing on a new book, something fun and new and different and featuring a writer. Yay.