Funny thing happened on the way to Ann Arbor

I looked at my first housing option yesterday in Ann Arbor. I’m sick of the hour long drive from Flint every day and it’s only going to get worse next week when they start closing lanes on US-23. And I want to move back to Ann Arbor ASAP because it’s the happiest place on earth. So anyway, I was looking for housing.

Craigs List has made this task SOOOOO much more enjoyable and streamlined than the newspaper classifieds and student housing sites. I was able to find more adult and professional housing options instead of student ghetto housing. I found two houses around my work area and where I lived before I came back to Flint last year.

The place I found last night was a in a great tree-lined subdivision with lots of nice houses and families and quiet. Not a single guy with a hat on backward, hanging from a balcony. As I was talking to the two owners of the house, they mentioned another roommate who would be in the house but was currently in Austria. They said he would want to talk with the potential roommate on the phone before hand to at least have a feel for the person.

Well, the more they talked about him, the more familiar he sounded. It turns out the guy is my last roommate who was displaced when our former third roommate got married and bought the house we had been living in. How crazy is that? Gotta love tight real estate markets and the tight-knight student/artist/Christian community. I still have no idea how people who don’t go to church ever find roommates or doctors or dentists or people to help them move or anything. Not that that’s the only reason for going to church of course…