From the Advice Files: Eric Garcia

Some funny observations from jury duty will have to go unwritten today as I am recovering from some sort of nasty allergy bug. But as I was waiting for my prescription I was browsing the paperbacks and came across a neat little afterward from Eric Garcia‘s REPO MEN where he has this solid nugget of writing advice I thought bore repeating:

Write the things you want to write. If they’re weird or strange or don’t fit into some mold that the rest of the world seems to conform to, don’t stress over it. Don’t change what you’re doing one iota, so long as you still believe in it. That sounds all hippie-dippie and Up-With-People, I know, but I strongly believe that if I’m not absolutely in love with what I’m writing, then all I’m doing is typing. And there are lots of people who type a hell of a lot better than I do.

Tomorrow I’ll have jury duty stories. Promise.