Free Refills?

There seems to be a lot of blog posts out in the universe lately about writers running on empty. Maybe I’m just noticing them more because I can very much relate right now. Not only is my blogging tank empty, but my fiction writing tank (wrote 158 words last night and it felt like I passed a mental kidney stone), and my life tank. The kids have been off their routines and screaming a lot and getting into trouble and this makes Becky frustrated and her tank is so empty it will soon collapse in on itself. But life goes on. So how do we refill those tank when they get dry?

With writing, I know that reading more usually helps refill that tank, also getting out and doing things and going places. Well it’s getting warmer and we are getting out more so that one will correct itself I’m sure. Unfortunately, I’m running on a tight deadline with this novella so I hope that tank refills sooner rather than later. But the blogging one I think is a little more difficult. I don’t want to harp on points I’ve discussed here and at Do Some Damage, but it seems here it’s more a matter of getting over mental laziness to post. I’ve got a few ideas for things I’d like to write about, I just need to get my ass in gear to complete them. That’s why it’s nice having the bi-weekly gig over at DSD because that forces me to blog and rewards me with the responsive audience I crave.

Now in actual content today, let’s talk about the impending summer. While I’m looking forward to warm weather and cookouts and shorts and flip flops, I’m already seeing nasty weeds in the Flowerbed of Eternal Damnation that weren’t killed by the snow and cold weather. I think I killed everything good in that bed last year with some misplaced weed killer, so hopefully this year I can rip the whole thing out and cover it with mulch until I decide what else I want to put down there. I like mowing the lawn and picking little weeds and such, but I don’t want to put up with these mutant super weeds anymore. I also need to aquire a chainsaw to take down a small tree in the back yard before it starts pushing in on the foundation. I’ve heard rumors the neighborhood watch program is petitioning the governor to ban me from weilding said chainsaw though. I’ve also got some painting and scraping to do on the house. Seriously, I hate home ownership.

And you can look forward to more of my battle stories if I can ever get up the mental stamina for more blog posts this summer. Maybe if you all paid me. Someone look into that…