Free at last, free at last

My days as an indentured slave are over. After doing 90 days as a contract employee and then another month and a half waiting for my permanent papers to come through, I started as a full-time permanent employee and had to go through another 90 day probationary period. That period was up Saturday and now all of my vacation days and benefits kick in.

I celebrated, of course, by spending the entire day Saturday sick in bed.

This weekend though I will have my first full weekend (Fri-Sun) off in almost a year and will be using it to travel to Chicago for some R and R. When I come back I’ll celebrate my new-found benefits by getting a long overdue dental cleaning and physical exam. I can feel the adulthood oozing over me. I’ve got a few other day trips scheduled over the next couple of months for book signings and then of course the biggie will be a week-long trip in NYC in April for the Edgar festivities (and a free dinner on Dave who will still probably be working on his book long after mine–and a story and a play–have been finished).

The bulk of my writing time over the next couple of weeks will be spent polishing my play to a glossy sheen in time for the March 1 contest deadline. I’m very excited to see what comes of this. Even if I don’t win the contest, there are several exciting theater opportunities in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area.

I’m positively giddy with optimism (and possibly gas).