For Monday: Some Hard-Hitting Journalism About My Glasses

My quest to find a pair of glasses I can wear every day continues with the new frames above. This is, by my latest count, the 4,998,765,456,321,145th pair I’ve tried in the last five years. I’ve tried wire frames, plastic frames, big frames, small frames, and no glasses at all. None of it worked. I just can’t stand having anything touching my skin in general. This is why I don’t wear a watch or any jewelry besides my wedding ring, and I don’t even wear that every day. A big part of the problem has been that I’ve never needed glasses enough to really have to push through the annoying phase and get to a point where I’m used to them. They’re certainly helpful, and at night virtually a necessity, but during the day, I can get by fine without them.  Or at least I could.

As I’ve gotten older, going without glasses during the day has been taking a bigger toll on me. The blurry areas are getting closer and when I’m using the computer they’re really important. So I’ve been ramping up my efforts to find a solution. One of the other reasons I think I’ve had such trouble finding the right frame is because I’m gone the cheap and discount route every time. When insurance will pay for free frames and lenses, it’s really hard to venture out of that selection. But this time I did.

I coughed up the cash and bought a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. I went with brown instead of black because 1) I think the thick black glasses are too popular now and 2) I wear more brown stuff than black stuff. I’ve tried them on a few times at the store because it’s right across from the play area at the mall and they’ve always felt really comfortable. And they are. Mostly. They are, by far, the best pair of glasses I’ve owned, but I still can’t wear them all day every day and I don’t know that I ever will be able to. So now I have to wonder if it’s time to start looking at contacts? If I don’t like things on my body, I don’t imagine I’ll like things in my eyes. And I have the world’s worst hand-eye coordination.

Anyone else suffer through this who can offer some advice?