For Me, Not You

I’ve been cleaning out a lot of noise and dead weight in my Twitter feed after having such a delightful experience doing such with Facebook. My Twitter hacking was not nearly as deep and wide spread as my Facebook assault, but I think I’ve got it to the point where I enjoy the posts (mostly) of everyone in my feed. It’s amazing how many people (me included) follow people just to follow or because others follow. But in an effort to spend less time on social media and be more engaged in the time I do spend there, this was a necessary step.

I of course wish there was more dead weight here for me to deal with, but I’ve come to realize this space is for me more than anyone else and if I write what I want to write and make sure I entertain myself then it will find the right readers. I’ve got a few things brewing professionally that will hopefully encourage more visitor here but that’s a lot of boola and hoopty-doodle at this point until anything is confirmed.

In other news I’m very excited about the next year in movies. I’m very excited about Iron Man 3 (Shane Black Yay) and Man of Steel, less so about Thor 2 which seems to be headed to a more Asgard centric plot. We’ll see.