Football and My Son’s Future

The Great American Pasttime is not baseball, it’s watching baseball on TV with your kid, or watching football on TV with your kid and looking at that cute little person and hoping they are so good at something they because wealthy and famous and can support your future retirement.

Or maybe that’s just me.

I don’t know why, but I’ve really been into watching baseball this year and I took Spenser to his first Tigers game already and tomorrow we’re going to a minor league baseball game in Lansing (it’s sad that I can’t remember if I already wrote about just getting interested in baseball this year. It sounds like something I’ve written but I haven’t posted much recently and I don’t think it was one of the few posts that I remember. I’m also to lazy to go and check the archive so we’ll just assume I already did and move on).

Even more exciting than baseball is the coming of football season. The Lions start training camp tomorrow and they have an open practice at Ford Field next Saturday that I want to take Spenser to. This is the best time to be a Lions fan. Nothing but potential. Oddly enough, this is the worst time to be a Michigan fan because we’re so eager to get on with the next season and get the stink of last year out of the air.

Last year was great because I got to watch a lot of football with Spenser, particularly college football. On Saturday mornings Becky would sleep late and I’d get up with Spenser and we’d watch ESPN College Game Day and then whatever good matchups were on. I’ll watch any college football game anytime. The plan was to take Spenser to a Lions game at the end of the season but that didn’t end up working out. Hopefully mommy, daddy, Spenser, and the new baby will get to go to a game this year. Gotta take advantage of that Under 2 Are Free loophole as long as we can.

So through all of this, I’ve been thinking about Spenser’s future. The Lions #1 draft pick quarterback Matt Stafford was interviewed in the Free Press this week and he talked about growing up watching Florida State football with his dad and I just think all of that is so cool. I hope I don’t end up pressuring Spenser too much one way or the other about his passions and his career choice, but I just hope he and the new baby share some of my own passions and none of my failures.