Fly in the Vaseline

I think I’d rather be locked naked in a lion’s cage with a steak tied around my neck than order airline tickets. I’ve been trolling the internet looking for tickets to NYC for Edgar Week and they’ve been getting more and more expensive. Then yesterday they all dropped substantially and I jumped at it. But while I was filling out all of the required information I was still filled with dread because for something so expensive there is absolutely no refund and a huge potential for making mistakes as I type everything into a hundred different pages. But I got everything secured and felt happy when I was done.

This morning I got that sense of dread again and decided to check the confirmation emails to make sure everything was ok. I bet being the savvy crowd you are that you can guess everything wasn’t ok. All of my departure dates and info was correct, but they had my return flight scheduled for THE SAME FRIGGIN DAY. Who does that? And I know I didn’t accidentally pick that because the system automatically jumps the return flight ahead a day.

So I got on the Northwest website and tried to make a correction to the reservation and they wanted to charge me almost double. Instead, I called up their 800 number and much to Northwest’s credit they were able to help me. I have to leave New York Sunday earlier than I planned but that’s fine as long as I still get a cheap fare.


I’m very excited about this trip though. Stephen Friggin King, people. Now I have to make sure my suit still fits me. Maybe I’ll rent a tux in NYC.