Florida Dreaming

Becky, Spenser, and I took an impromptu trip to Florida over the weekend and I’m still too tired and disoriented to post a proper wrap-up. So here are the highlights from Twitter (start from the bottom and read up) and a couple of pics.

is back in Detroit…sigh about 12 hours ago from txt

is boarding his plane finally after an hour delay about 16 hours ago from txt

is not particularly inclined to in home today about 21 hours ago from txt

and Spenser are getting some breakfast at Denny’s about 23 hours ago from txt

is chillin in the room with Hooters wings and Colts football 7:58 PM Jan 3rd from txt

wants to buy a cargo vest in Frontier Land so he can look like Bill Cameron 2:04 PM Jan 3rd from txt

thinks there’s something odd about the mix of Christmas decorations and hot weather here 1:14 PM Jan 3rd from txt

is at Disney World for the second time in less than a year 11:20 AM Jan 3rd from txt

is having breakfast by the pool before going to Disney World 9:39 AM Jan 3rd from txt

is working on revisions in the hotel room with a lovely warm breeze coming through the window, contemplating steak for dinner 7:49 PM Jan 2nd from web

thinks ice cream taste better in Florida in January 3:38 PM Jan 2nd from txt

is safely in Florida and hopes the same is true of his luggage 10:31 AM Jan 2nd from txt

Is on a plane in Atlanta waiting to fly to Orlando 8:36 AM Jan 2nd from txt

Is taking his family on a spur of the moment trip to Florida tomorrow morning 6:13 PM Jan 1st from txt