First World Problem of the First Order

I’ve been very lucky lately that the fates have conspired to drop a whole bunch of freelance editing work in my lap that has allowed me to grow my business faster (and with a higher quality of clientele) than I would have been able to otherwise. While this has allowed us to splurge at Christmas and pay down some credit cards, it’s also kept me very, very busy on top of the day job. What’s suffered is my own reading and writing.

Up to this point it hasn’t been a big deal. My reading need has been met by all of the manuscripts I’ve had which have been, for the most part, pretty good. I finished the final draft of MURDER BOY back in November and after the emotional toll that thing took on me for four years I was happy for a break from writing. I’ve been editing another novel that I think is perfect for ebook publishing but that’s been about it. Now I’m start to get antsy in both areas.

I’m really itching to write some new prose, though I haven’t decided whether it will be the urban fantasy novel I started or another pulp crime novel, but I want to create. And as enjoyable as the manuscript reading is, I want to read something for fun. I want to read crime fiction for fun. The bulk of what I’ve been reading has been romance, fantasy, or science fiction. I’ve only read one published novel this year.

I’m sure things will work themselves out, but right now this is where my thoughts are and I wanted to record them. So there. What are you all reading and writing these days?