First K Day

Today was Spenser’s first day of kindergarten. I was a little worried this morning when he woke up crabby and clingy, but once he had some breakfast and we got him dressed in his Batman shirt, Spider-man underwear, and Green Lantern socks, he was good to go.  Becky, Holly and I took him to his room and waited with him until they opened the doors. There was one of those peanut allergy signs on his window and I went off on a rant about why in the hell there are so many allergies these days but I found out he can still take peanut butter sandwiches in his lunch so I was fine after that. Instead of cupcakes for his birthday next week we’ll just have to send tattoos or stickers or something non-edible for his classroom. Whatever. Right?

After we dropped him off, Becky and I took Holly out for breakfast and then we went shopping. I bought a webcam for my desktop so I could get in on a video chat for Carina, but I couldn’t get the website to work. So I took the webcam back and decided I’ll just use my iPad for video chatting stuff from now on. When Spenser was done with school at noon we picked him up, made sure his teacher wasn’t crying or avoiding eye contact with him, and then went home. Holly and I went to McDonalds so I could get some work done while mommy and Spenser had some time together. Tomorrow is a full day for Spenser so he’ll get to ride the bus and take a lunch and hopefully I can start building a regular routine for my work and home life that doesn’t leave me feeling like I was smacked with the confusion stick every day.