Finally, The Announcement: The Kids Will Out Number The Parents in Nine Months (or less)



That’s right, we got another one coming. And I’m happy to report that this is the first one that hasn’t freaked me out.  When Becky told me she was pregnant with Spenser I had a meltdown and went out and drove around angry for a while because I was very selfish and not ready to give up serving my own needs for those of another. And then when I finally got used to Spenser being around and being a dad, we had Holly pop up and I did the same thing. Meltdown, then angry drive.

But with this one,  I was actually happy. I was out cleaning the van after returning from our Florida vacation and she came running out in the cold to show me the stick. The kids were the ones who freaked out and thought something was wrong. And now that the first official doctor’s appointment is out of the way and we have a strong heart beat, etc. The time has come to tell the world.

Consider yourself told.

I’m hoping for a girl myself. And Becky has been sick enough for us to think that’s a strong possibility. I mean REALLY sick. It’s been pretty miserable for her.

So yeah, wow. More kids. Me. God help us all.