Finally, An Utterly Frivolous Post About Shopping

The pieces here lately have been weighted way too heavily toward somber, contemplative big picture crap. That’s all well and good, considering what’s happened recently in my life, but we need some sunshine. Life is good. I have a new baby and a new job and the paychecks that come with the new job (and leftover paychecks from previously completed freelance projects that seem so much more awesome now that we don’t have to depend on them solely for our survival) so let me tell you about the shopping I’ve been up to.

We started with new furniture. Right before the baby arrived, we completed (mostly) the first stage of our pending home revamp. We repainted everything with a nice dark brown that makes the house look more modern and covers up all of the stains and damage and crayon “art” that takes a toll over 8 years on really crappy un-washable paint. Next we needed new furniture. The stuff we had was old and stained and determined to maim and paralyze us. After a bit of looking we lucked into a combo set of love seat, sofa and recliner. It’s comfortable and loaded with built in cup holders. Next will be wood floors for that room and a fireplace remodel, but I have to wait until my father-in-law is available to help me with that one.

Most importantly though, I’ve been updating my wardrobe. After I left my last full-time office job, I threw away almost everything I had ever worn to that job. It was a sad and depressing mix of cheap shoes, microfiber pants, cheap polo shirts, and bland, thread-bare Oxford shirts. Even though I have a new tattoo, I’ve felt the urge to move beyond jeans and t-shirts and into a more adult wardrobe. I’m almost 40 and the slobby college look has been wearing thin on me and I think contributing to some of my malaise. So I started with pants.

I had thrown away my most boring khackis and only kept a single pair of comfortable broken-in ones that I liked and a pair of cords. I got another pair of dark brown cords and a pair of blue chinos that felt wild as I bought them. I already had a couple of new shirts I bought during the interview process but I added several more patterned button downs of varying style from dress shirts to flannel. I also bought some fun socks to replace all of the boring white and black ones I got rid of.

With pants and shirts taken care of, I needed shoes. I found a great pair of European-flavored utility boots that look good with chinos, cords, and jeans and are on their way to being fully broken in by now. I got almost all of this at Khol’s, which is where I’ve shopped for work clothes previously, but had much more fun this time because the clothes aren’t nearly as depressing. I also had some great coupons and store loyalty discounts that made it all even better. I think I found a nice mix of casual/artistic styling with a bit more professionalism than I needed when working from home.

The final piece I got this weekend and it’s my favorite. Until now, my fall jackets have always been zip up sweatshirts, usually gray. But I knew with this new wardrobe a hoodie wasn’t going to work, so I was on the hunt for a great light-weight jacket to top it all off. Almost immediately I locked in on the idea of a military field jacket. I’ve always loved them but I had trouble finding one that I really liked that wasn’t also ridiculously expensive. I found the perfect match at J. Crew and found it when it had just gone on sale. So I think that’s all I need for now. Once winter rolls fully in I’ll need to upgrade my sweater wardrobe a bit, but for now I feel happy and fashionable and fresh.