Favors and Agents and Blurgh.

I’m back from my intense but wonderful, west coast tour for Riot Load and ready to get to work selling it to the rest of the country. I’ve had so many people love and support me and my books so far and I’m asking for more because I’m greedy. But I also want to see the people who had faith in the book rewarded for that faith. Sales are great, but customer reviews are even better.

Reviews on Amazon make it easier for strangers, for folks outside of this loving and tight-knit community to find my book. Reviews on Amazon make it easier for my amazing publisher to promote the book online and through his sales reps. Reviews on Amazon also make it easy for you to tell other readers about how much you loved (or didn’t – honestly an honest review is helpful whether it’s good or bad) Riot Load.

So please take a moment today to click a few stars and say a few words about Riot Load today. I’d really appreciate it.

I took my own advice and reviewed a few books I’ve loved lately including:

CITY OF ROSE by Rob Hart – a great refresh of PI and strip club tropes
NOT EVEN PAST – another great twist on the PI novel that manages to wring an amazing amount of emotion out of its characters
SECURITY – A wonderful, trippy debut novel that’s part Agatha Christie, part Stephen King, and part Psycho.
THE FAR EMPTY – An amazing debut that really kind of made me regret ever being a writer in the first place because I’ll never be this good
SHOT IN DETROIT – a book that would be impossible for anyone without Patti’s talent and empathy and eye for detail to pull off.

Also, today I’m over at Hey There’s a Dead Guy talking about why I don’t have an agent and whether that’s the right move for everyone.