Favorite Not Best: Part Two

Yesterday I gave you my favorite books of the decade, so today you get my favorite movies of the decade. This seems appropriate on a Friday because Fridays always used to be my movie night (so did Saturday and Sunday as well back in the day). I get the listing of all the new movies opening up and I’d print off my weekly loyalty concession coupon and I’d hit the movies. Before marriage and before kids I used to go to the movies as much as three times a week. I was also a miserable depressed mess (which I’m sure had more to do with being alone than going to the movies so much.). To make this a truly accurate decade list and not just my favorite movies of the last two years which is all I can remember right now, I read through a list of all of the movies released since 2000 so this should be a pretty good representation.

The Hangover
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Pirates of the Caribbean
Casino Royale
8 Mile
The Dark Knight
Black Hawk Down
The Departed
Garden State
Gone Baby Gone
The Good Girl
Kissing Jessica Stein
Kill Bill Volume I
Legally Blonde
Love Actually
The Royal Tenenbaums
Sin City
Wonder Boys